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 Just to let you know This Book “THE SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER is now available!

“Dazzler, A Snowflake Like No Other”

Available on You may go there and have a look inside, and read the summary of this book and author’s bio, and purchase it there. It is also available for purchase on Create  The links are here below for where the book is available in the USA, and abroad;  here below are the links.

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You can buy my book right here on my website tab: published

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Adele  Helen Terzis

About Adele Helen Terzis

Adele has always had a passion for the arts. She was a full time student of music, voice, and guitar at Berklee College of Music. After graduating she continued to pursue; acting, voice, guitar, writing, and art, as well as public speaking in order to express her faith and biblical convictions. Through it all, Adele founded FAITH ROCKS PRODUCTIONS INC., as a vehicle by The Spirit of Faith, in order to create her inspirational products of Faith, Hope, and Love, for all people and their families. Endeavoring to shine The Light through Faith Rocks Productions Inc. You can enjoy her soon coming Adele's Blog here at Faith Rocks Productions website. Facebook Page: Twitter: Adele truly enjoys expressing good will to all people through her talents and abilities. Putting forth her efforts of Faith, Hope, and Love through FAITH ROCKS PRODUCTIONS INC., and going forth with these first products: The Book; "THE SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER" and The Art the colorful Book contains and The beautifully designed Art Posters under "A SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER." Also, Adele is The Founder of: MESSIAH’(S) FAITHFUL WITNESS–WORLDWIDE REVIVAL SERVICE INC. A non profit organization, web address, This new web site contains The Mission and Vision, including her endeavors to be seen and supported there by all. Facebook Page: The Twitter page is: It is going forth, you can connect, share, and support it. Her foremost passion is to serve God, by sharing The Gospel, The Good News to all mankind! Rejoicing in the fact that Jesus gives Abundant Life to those who believe in Him, and that Abundant Life is for now! Through faith in JESUS CHRIST there is Freedom from the bondage of sin and death. And JESUS gives The Gift of Eternal Life is freely to all who will believe, trust, and rely upon JESUS CHRIST and His finished work on The Cross of Cavalry, giving HIS LIFE and BLOOD for us. Adele is always endeavoring to keep her vow, taken in 1994, to spread The Gospel as far as she can in the course of her lifetime, and to give herself continually to Prayer, and The Ministry of The Word. She established this ministry in order to continue this passion and to aid the poorest people who are hurting and in need of assistance spiritually and physically. All donations to MESSIAH’(S) FAITHFUL WITNESS – WORLDWIDE REVIVAL SERVICE INC., will be greatly appreciated, and are tax deductible as a 501C3, A non-profit organization.
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