I am working on making this book THE SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER available on these e-readers.

Hopefully that will be coming soon! As well as a hard cover special edition which is comin soon. Also, I am  thinking of goin with expanded

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Book Information

 Just to let you know This Book “THE SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER“ is now available! Available on You may go there and have a look inside, and read the summary of this book and author’s bio, and purchase it there. It is also available for purchase on Create  The links … Continue reading

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These are my three twitter links above: in order to receive or communicate with me on twitter!

My personal one is:  Witness Faith 

 And – – Faith Rocks Productions Inc.

 Plus, —  Messiah’(s) Faithful Witness – Worldwide Revival Service Inc. (501C3)

These 3 are where I will be updating my info, making friends and contacts, as well as Facebook,

and my FRP web site.

My personal Twitter page is where you would like to read my posts, and mention me if you like @Witness Faith. I have been tweeting there for a while longer than the rest. I will get back to posting daily, as soon as I can get a balance on all that I am doing with publishing my first book, and the art it contains, and getting a new website up and looking good.

Creativity is a blessing!  I want to keep working on what I consider my dream: and that is to do the things I really enjoy doing. My two endeavors that will be the vehicles in which I can do the things I really like doing, and be of help to people is:                                                                                                                              

Faith Rocks Productions Inc., with this company, I want to produce: Books, Art, Music, Products, etc. Tweet me at@faithrocksusa,

FRP has published its first production, a unique picture Book for families with colorful Art. “THE SNOWFLAKE LIKE NO OTHER” is a wonderful allegorical story that can touch lives. The book is dedicated to God, with love to my family and friends, and in remembrance of aborted babies, children who have died, and babies who are in the womb. The book has a dedication page to write the person you love’s name as a remembrance.

I like the arts, singing, playing guitar, lately, the piano. I still enjoy writing songs. Once, I studied music, and was involved in arranging and composition. I am writing, drawing, painting, acting, and speaking. I could do any of these things every day, and God willing maybe I will if this takes off.

Through Faith Rocks Productions, I can, and will try to do more, and hope more productions will come about.

The other passion is ministry, and fulfilling a calling and that is why I started: Messiah’s Faithful Witness Worldwide Revival Service Inc. (a nonprofit 501C3). Tweet at @MFW_WRS. Foremost, I love God, and desire to worship and adore Him. Putting in practice, second, to love and learn to love, all people with God’s Love. Practicing the art of loving all of His beautiful creation like He does. I really enjoy praying, and reading God’s Word. Sharing Jesus with every one and being with people who Love Jesus, this is a rewarding experience to me! I always had a strong need to know GOD personally, and so while searching for Him, Jesus answered my cries and He found me. I felt lost, and I was lost, but now, I am found! I have believed in JESUS CHRIST, who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE! 

I guess I could say that I love ministry and creating, both are very special to me. I really enjoy igniting FAITH in people for a GOD, who is LOVE, and loves all!

We have so many problems here on this earth; famine, poverty, illness, child abuse, immorality, confusion, false beliefs,etc. just to name a few. All God’s creatures have needs and are hurting, at different times in different ways,whether it is a child, a woman, a man, a family, or families. Even the animals have their needs and are waiting for their deliverance. We are all waiting for the total fulfillment of our redemption and our salvation. To be set free completely from the law of sin and death. Until that happens, I am praying and hoping I can do some good while still alive here on earth in a small way(s) or big way(s).

This is just my little information page. Thank you for taking time to read this note; I know you are busy as well.

Keeping my Faith in God, strong!  Be well in Jesus, and stay in  touch!